Thursday, August 9, 2012

uTorrent - Lightweight BiteTorrent Client

BitTorrent (BT) is one of the most common protocols used for the sharing data over the Internet. The first BitTorrent client that manages the sharing of data using BitTorrent protocol was launched in 2002. Since then more and more BitTorrent clients have joined. uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent client today. It is simple, yet supports all the essential features you need in downloading torrent files, with high download speed and low system resource consumption.

Tiny BitTorrent client

The installation of uTorrent creates just a single uTorrent.exe that takes less than 900KB (not even 1 MB!). uTorrent comes with a set of useful features with a surprisingly small amount of disk space required.

Lightweight with minimal system resources consumption

I remember when I once tried to perform a download with another BitTorrent client, it was nearly impossible to run another application simultaneously because that BitTorrent client was far too "greedy". But that is not the case with uTorrent. With no non-sense and unnecessary features, no redundant components in user interface and most important, no advertisement, uTorrent provides you with maximized performance and minimized system resources consumption. This explains why uTorrent performs much better than any other BitTorrent clients.

Fast download speed

The download speed of BitTorrent clients depend on many factors such as the application settings, user’s network condition, hardware configuration and the number of running processes, etc. So there is no surprise that some of the software reviews rated uTorrent (or the other BitTorrent clients) positively in terms of download speed and some did not.  I am not going to make a judgment here but just from my personal experience, the speed of downloading in uTorrent is much faster than any other BitTorrent clients I have ever tried.

Freeware name: uTorrent
Version: 3.2
Supported O/S: Windows, Linux, Mac
Official Website:
Download page:


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